The story of Wusang: Isle of Blaq

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Somewhere in the exotic Wusang region of the tropics, lies the mysterious Isle of Blaq. It is a diamond-shaped isle, with two large bays on the north shores and several channels on the south. The result is that a map of the isle is said to resemble the optimism of an ascending bird soaring to new heights, or pessimism of a human skull.

The isle itself is shrouded in mystery. As long as anyone can recall, the Isle of Blaq has produced the world's most beautiful pearls. Yet, the isle's exact location is unknown. There are even rumors that it is a floating's location always changing. There are rumors of ghosts...haunting the isle and bewitching men's minds. There are tales of piracy...pirates of old and modern day pirates. Some say the pearls themselves drive some to madness.

Treasures untold.

The waters and soil of the Isle of Blaq are steeped in treasure. The natural bounty of the land and water produce the famed "Pearls of Wusang." Wars and raids, looting and pirating, double-crossing and back-stabbing have littered the waters with precious metals and gemstones. Many treasures are known to have gone down with ships. Many treasures are known to be buried in secret locales. And, there may be even more treasures, even more rare and even more exotic still to be found some day.

After all of the trading and looting, thieving, pirating, and warring, it's unclear as to what's left on the Isle of Blaq. These treasures are there, laying in wait, ready to be mined and harvested by the first comers to dive and mine the riches of Wusang: Isle of Blaq.

Miners for hire

To seek the treasures of Wusang, one must dive in and mine for treasure. As payment for your effort, you will receive one HBIT per day. And, who knows what other treasures you might find?

Currently, three treasure tokens have been documented in Wusang: Isle of Blaq...

BLAQ pearl

The legendary "Pearls of Wusang" are what initially brought treasure seekers to the Isle of Blaq. The waters of the Wusang region...clean and temperate and crystalline pure...grew the most flawless of pearls. Legend says their lustre can drive men to madness.


Traders and thieves were drawn to the Isle of Blaq by the lure of the Blaq pearl. They brought with them gold. Soon, the Isle of Blaq had its own coin minted, the BLAQGOLD. It quickly grew as the base currency of the island, thriving in the shops and storehouses and taverns conducting honest business. But, it also thrived among the shady, swindling, thieving, and back-stabbing world of pirates and prostitutes and corrupt politicians. In the turmoil, much BLAQGOLD wound up on the bottom on the sea around the Isle. Much BLAQGOLD is hidden in the soil and caverns of the Isle. All is waiting to be found.


As the economy blossomed in and around the Isle of Blaq, riches untold emerged. One ship, "La Marta del Mar" sailed to the Isle with honest intent to trade. In the holds of the Marta was a store of wheat and barley...grains that could not be grown in the Wusang region...but prized for bread and whiskey and ale. When a weak quartermaster saw the beauty of the Pearls of Wusang, he leaked out a secret. In addition to grain, the Marta housed a store of pristine Colombian emeralds. He would gladly skim a few emeralds from the stores in exchange for a sack of pearls from opportunist pirates.

Of course, when the deal was to be made, the quartermaster was double-crossed by the pirates. He lost his life to a cross bow's bolt and the pirates commandeered the ship. The crew of the Marta was locked in the holds during the heist. Yet, the Marta crew would not allow their ship to be taken without a fight. Instead, they set the ship afire. From within its bowels, the fire grew, the powerkeg exploded, and the Marta burnt to the waterline and then sank somewhere offshore of the Isle of Blaq. Legend is that not a soul survived, and that the pirate captain went down clinging to the Emeralds of Blaq. The whereabouts of the emeralds remains a mystery.

And yet to this day, on rare occasions, an early morning beachcomber's eye is sometimes captured by the glint of a pure and green glimmer of emerald washed up upon the beaches of the Isle of Blaq.

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