About Wusang: Isle of Blaq

World's Ultra Simple Asset Numbers Game

The idea for Wusang

The LUV token was created to share love with others on the Hive chain. It's about giving to others and expecting nothing in return. Then, Hivebits (HBIT) spun off as a way for Hive users to earn for themselves due to their own effort. Hivebits has been about your effort earning you a reward.

Yet, from the start of HBIT, there was a desire to eventually include some type of randomness. There was a desire to gamefy things. Like rolling dice at the casino table, randomness adds an element of fun.

So, now HBIT will integrate with Wusang: Isle of Blaq. This will mix the consistent and stable element of your-effort-means-your-reward-every-time with HBIT, along with a random chance of possibly getting another, extra, treasure token in Wusang. You might not get another token, but then again...there's a chance!

The ethos

Starting with Hivebits (HBIT), I've tried to keep things very newbie-friendly. That is, I try to keep things simple. A general goal is that a newcomer to the Hive blockchain, literally on day one, could participate in Hivebits by simply replying with !HBIT.

With Wusang: Isle of Blaq, that goal of simplicity remains. From day one, a reply of !HBIT or !wusang will earn HBIT and play the Wusang game to possibly find bonus treasure tokens.

Another carryover from Hivebits is the commitment to a hard-and-fast maximum supply. HBIT is hard-capped with a max supply of 21 million (like Bitcoin). The tokens of Wusang: Isle of Blaq are hard-capped in successively more rare increments. BLAQ is capped with a max supply of 2.1 million. BLAQGOLD is capped at 210,000. BLAQEMRLD is capped at 105,000. If-and-when they're all found, that's it, there are no more.

Just as BTC and HBIT are only released into the wild through work of some sort, the treasure tokens of Wusang will only be released when they are found by a miner. Just like a real life treasure-seeking pirate...sitting around in the tavern talking about seeking treasure earn rewards. One must get out there, sail, dive, dig, and seek to find that treasure!

Creator tip

Transparency is important to me (@crrdlx). I try to be open about things and try to answer any questions.

This game is free for anyone to play, however, there are some costs involved to me. There is a monthly server fee, not large, but it's there. Each token in the game costed 100 BEE to create. To perhaps help recoup some costs, to maybe help sustain things, and maybe even to build toward the next 100 BEE "treasure token", a 1% "tip" is built into the game. It will go to the @wusang account which is controlled by @crrdlx.

  • This 1% tip would not apply to HBIT. For instance, if Alice uses any Wusang or HBIT command, then 1.0 HBIT will go to her. This is the way HBIT has always run. There's no change with Hivebits here.
  • A hard-and-fast rule of Hivebits has been "Proof-of-Comment", meaning, your effort, your reward...every time. This is to ensure that every HBIT is backed by the guarantee that someone's work on the Hive chain consciously "mined" that one HBIT. This rule remains.
  • The 1% rule to the creator would only apply to extra treasure tokens, like BLAQ.
  • Also, the 1% would be in addition to the treasure token, not 1% taken away from it. For instance, say Alice mined HBIT, got her 1.0 HBIT, but also randomly finds one "BLAQ" pearl token, then Wusang will send her 1.0 BLAQ and 0.01 BLAQ will go to the @wusang account.


By playing Wusang: Isle of Blaq you're agreeing to these terms. Consider this purely for entertainment purposes. Although it's free to play, and though you can certainly sell or trade any of the tokens you earn or find, don't consider this any type of investment. Things may change in the future, such as the numbers of tokens in the game (new treasure tokens might emerge!), or quantities of tokens awarded, or the odds of finding the tokens, or anything else for that matter (except max supply which is capped). Remember, this is for fun.


Wusang: Isle of Blaq was made with LUV by @crrdlx on the Hive blockchain. If you'd like to reach out, you can find him in the LUV-HBIT Discord, on Hive @crrdlx, or via email at crrdlx@protonmail.com